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Developing Community-Inspired Lessons with Rae Hughart from the Teach Better Team

Resources from Rae’s Professional Development Workshop in november 2018

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Google Classroom 101 with RISTE

Resources from Tracy & Bernadette’s professional development workshop in january 2019


Amplifying Student Voice with Flipgrid

Connect with Jen for guidance! Email or @snej80

Flipgrid Teacher Guidebook

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If you don’t have your copy of Dr. Samantha Fecich’s book ‘EDUMAGIC: A Guide for Pre-Service Teachers’ yet, click HERE to grab one! Over the summer we held a Book Study with this awesome resource for new teachers, and while you are reading make sure you check out the additional tips and tricks in our Book Study. Afterwards, listen to this conversation with Erin & Dr. Sam all about how new teachers can ace their first job out of college, and how teachers in their first few years can also enhance their careers!

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The Grid Method with Chad Ostrowski

Connect with Chad to chat all things Grid Method on Twitter @chadostrowski or by email! Let Erin know if you want a hard copy of the Grid Method workshop materials to follow along with this FREE COURSE (and here are even more helpful resources)!