#WriteThoseSLOs (and PGGs!)

Everything may seem a little crazy in the beginning of the year, but for all new and non-tenured teachers this is also the start of EVALUATION SEASON. I personally find myself in the interesting position of never yet going one year teaching without being evaluated (because I transferred schools early in my career). I hear a non-evaluation year is pretty fun! But I also really appreciate the valuable feedback I’ve gotten through these evaluations, which has created a solid foundation based on constant reflection and best practices that I will have for the rest of my teaching career. There’s always a silver lining to all this paperwork!

As we kick off the year, I hope you find this FREE GUIDE to Writing your SLOs and PGGs helpful! It is full of advice, editable templates, and additional resources geared around the Rhode Island Teacher Evaluation model. This guide is the centerpiece for our SLO & PGG Writing Workshop (RSVP HERE) on September 17, 2019.

Erin Hall